Camso Grass/Ice Drag 13.5″ x 144″ x .525″ 9976R

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Camso Grass/Ice Drag Track

13.5″ X 144″ X 0.525″

2.52″ pitch,

Ahead of the pack.  From the holeshot to the finish line, Camso digs deep and holds the line right through to claim the victory by delivering the best track technology available.

Designed specifically for the intense acceleration of drag racing, where the first seconds of the race make the difference between winning and losing.

Low resistance 0.525 ” lug require less fuel for optimal straight-line acceleration

13.5″ width available for lightweight and maximum top speed

NO windows or clips (windowed track shown)

Camso Grass/Ice Drag 13.5″ x 144″ x .525″ 9976R


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