Camso ICE Cobra 1.6 15″ x 146″ x 1.60″ SP 2.86″ pitch 9247C

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Camso ICE Cobra 1.6 15″ x 146″ x 1.60″ SP 2.86″ pitch 9247C  Cross-Country track

15″ X 146″ x 1.6″ lug height

2.86″ Pitch

Fully clipped

Ice Control Enhancement Single Ply Technology

Hard Grip in Soft Snow

The “Dennis Courtemanche Special Edition”, in honor of long time recreational products director who has devoted 50 years to improving snowmobile track design.  Factory pre-studded with 1.6″ lugs for excellent all-around performance, especially on ungroomed trails.  And, off trail means rough riding.  You need a tough track with extra traction for ditch line running, boondocking, and cross-country racing in deep snow and unprepared or non-maintained conditions.  Give your crossover or trail sled a big performance boost where it really counts with a Camso cross country track.

  • Ice Control Enhancement Technology raises the bar for pre-studded track performance
  • 1.60 inch lugs provide excellent traction for crossover riders who prefer off-trail riding
  • Cupped Cobra designed lugs for superior acceleration and braking in loose, soft snow conditions
  • Rigid lug support columns and optimized rubber compound ideal for off and on-trail performance

Built and tested tough to take on the nastiness of hard-core terrain.   Acceleration, stability, and reliability–that is Camso.

Tracks featuring Single Ply technology require support plates and studs that have been designed specifically for this.  This track has molded in studs.

Camso ICE Cobra 1.6 15″ x 146″ x 1.60″ SP 2.86″ pitch 9247C

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Weight 43 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 20 × 16 in